On Chickens and Blessings

Tracy / August 23, 2010

It’s an odd thing to see your sons becoming men.

It seems as little boys, you catch a glimpse here and there from time to time. As they age, you see more and more until one day, you realize they ARE men.

My, my, how the time has passed.

This weekend, was full of precious visitors and sweet memories. We had guests each day- every one significant, and loved by our family.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to prepare for our church family to visit, and found ALL of our chickens scattered across the yard, dead.

A dog had paid a visit during the early morning hours and killed
every single chicken

Needless to say, we are out more than a thousand dollars. –Our hens were only weeks from laying age…it is a definite financial loss.

More important, my little ones who saw their “personal chickens” (a gift from their Grandmother), mangled and left dead.

The dogs didn’t eat the chickens, they just shook them- I think they were actually just playing with them. Our chickens didn’t stand a chance.

My son, Jacob, suffered a large loss.

He has been so good take care of each hen and loved our rooster. I think he just enjoys animals and is looking forward to trying a career as a vet.

He was so upset, but handled it well.

We do know these things happen, but it’s never easy to watch your child suffer.

Paul and I explained to them that

God doesn’t always lead where we would expect

and sometimes not where we would want- but He does care for us and watch over us. We prayed with Jacob and for his heart that was just broken.

When we pray, we know God hears. Sometimes it’s hard to wait on His answer.

Yesterday, it didn’t take too long-

we had some folks visiting for church that live just a short distance up the road. She asked if Jacob might like to come twice a day and help care for her dog (her husband recently passed and she just needs a little help). It will give him experience with a new animal and in exchange, she was willing to trade piano lessons for free (it turns out she’s the mother of a woman involved with our children’s first piano instruction…what a small world!).

Jacob was excited to offer the lessons to Courtney –he knew she had been wanting to return for additional instruction, and he’s off as I type, playing feeding and caring for her puppy.

God is faithful!!!

Back to my original thought, Sunday, we still had a guest in our home and our church family was scheduled to begin arriving within hours.

I knew I needed to tend to my hurting children, we needed to clean up the backyard (which was a mess….even more so than usual!), I had breakfast to make, children to dress, etc., etc., etc.)

Jacob, Matthew and Timothy walked over the the neighbor’s house to check on his chickens (very good idea…the dog was already there, but had not yet gotten to the birds). Paul was working on his lesson (he was filling in for the message this week). Courtney was helping prepare the littles for church. I looked out the window and saw this:

Joshua had cleaned up the dead birds, by himself. He never grumbled, never complained. He got the job done.

All of the children comforted each other through the day.

Thinking back over the entire morning, brings tears to my eyes, even as I type.

These children are so precious to me. I hurt when they hurt, but, I thank God when I catch a glimpse of these moments. In the midst of horrible things,

He’s still there.

My children are growing. Some won’t have many more years in my home.

I’m so thankful for each moment of each day.

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