Littlest Gardener

Little Emma loves to be outside. Her big blue eyes seem to wander endlessly taking in every detail of her surroundings. She doesn’t take anything for granted. Now, if only we could keep her from trying to put the mulch in her mouth… 🙂 Yesterday, I finished half of my Mom’s birthday gift. This project is taking me a little…

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Jacob’s Pride

I know that we have posted pictures of our sunflowers before. This is the latest, taken this morning. I can’t tell you what it does for a child to see a tiny seed that he has planted and tended with his own hands turn into something so beautiful and huge!

Mosaics Day 1

Monday! I’m dragging today…Paul and I stayed up much too late last night! He was needing to finish the cable project that he’s been working on and I was busy tatting a lace edging for the pantaloons that I made for Jessica (yes, I did finally finish them…I still have Emma’s left to go!). This weekend, Courtney and I managed…

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