September 27, 2011

Tracy / September 27, 2011

First, let me ask– as I try to update things now that we have internet, I would love to visit some of you on your blogs too. Would you mind leaving me a comment with your blog address? I would love to drop in and say “hello” from time to time.


Tracy / September 24, 2011

It seems so long since I’ve updated this site. Dial-up is another world when you are used to high-speed internet. I can’t tell you how difficult it is do accomplish simple tasks…things like banking, using the library or just checking store hours. Websites just aren’t being made to use dial-up anymore. If you are trying to blog, or use fb,…

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Growing, Growing, Growing…

Tracy / August 31, 2011

These pictures were actually taken about a month ago, but since we’re trying to catch things up, I’m posting them now: Courtney, at this point, is a pro with babies! We also have help from another big sister. She’s always running to find a diaper or a blanket and has introduced the baby to all of her own babies.

Meredith Turns 2!!

Pictures from Meredith’s birthday….. “Miss Two” celebrated with birthday cake and gifts! Courtney was very kind to make her cake…I’m still recovering from having baby and developed a pretty horrible case of mastitis last week, from which I’m also still recovering. 😛 I’m so glad she was willing to step in and “have fun”, in her words. She did such…

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Strolling Along

Tracy / November 12, 2010

Smoochie went along on her older sister’s morning walk a few weeks back…

Frugal Fun!

Tracy / October 7, 2010

Courtney and I have been on a dollar store/thrift store crafting kick lately. These are a few projects from last week– We found some old sweaters that I had actually intended for the thrift store. They were too worn to wear, but I did love the cuffs and remembered this idea from a blog post long ago: CANDLE SWEATERS! They…

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August 27, 2010

Tracy / August 27, 2010

Friday. I’m always a little unsure of Friday. It’s the week ending, the weekend beginning….I think our weekends aren’t like most. I hear folks going to the mall, watching movies, visiting with friends. Weekends here are almost like any other day (well, Saturday anyway!). We have chores to complete. The children and I may finish up some school work or…

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Meredith’s Buggy

Tracy / August 12, 2010

Meredith’s swing… I have always wanted a little beetle car swing for our children. When Meredith’s birthday came this year, I really wanted to buy one for her but they were no longer being sold in my local hardware store. It was sad- I’m really beyond batteries and the fluff they stock toy stores with these days. I want fun,…

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