Just Say No!

We’re pretty good around here today. We always have something going on. Today we’ve been sealing seams in our new hall flooring. We chose composite vinyl tile. I thought that it might look too “industrial” for a home but I’m really pleased so far. It’s been very inexpensive, very easy to install and seems to really be withstanding the floor traffic.

I’m also working on ideas for my new website for large families. There is, thankfully, more information on the internet for us these days, but it’s still hard to find a good place to share ideas and support. I’m really excited about this new project. I’ll post more details as we get closer to working on it.

Prayer Requests:

My sister in law, Melissa. She is due with their second baby, Austin in a little over a month.

I know it’s a strange request but Tammy Faye Messner (formerly Baker). She lingers on my mind today. I happened to catch her last night on Larry King Live and I was so touched by her interview.

She has stage 4 cancer in her colon. Her prognosis does not look good but she still holds fast to her faith. She is a true champion. She displayed such an open sweet spirit and never once said anything negative. She only said that she knew that God was in control and she was leaving her life in His hands. She is a true inspiration. Please pray for peace for her and if it is His will, for healing over her body.

Today, I’m thankful for:

The calm after the storm. We had bad weather blow up last night and it was quite a rough evening. I’m thankful for my family’s safety and that there seemed to be no storm damage in our area.

I’m thankful for the love of my husband, Paul. He knows me so well. I’m so thankful to God for the love of this man.

I’m thankful for the peace that the Lord gives to me. I tend to have a very restless spirit. I love that the Lord speaks peace over my soul.

I’m thankful for all the little flowers blooming in my yard and my children who love to bring me handfuls of them. How blessed am I? ….I must admit that I’m planting flowers in my yard this year just because I love for my children to pick them and bring them in to me!! : )

I’m thankful for this place to share God’s love. It hasn’t been that long that the internet did not exist in the form that it is now. I’m so glad that it is here now and gives an opportunity, an easy opportunity, to be in a mission field without ever leaving your own home! What a powerful tool!

What I’m learning:

This one is big! I heard a comment a couple of days ago that brought to mind the drug campaign in the 1980’s: “Just Say No!”. I was talking to my husband and told him that I thought it was ridiculous and that if you raised your children right they should automatically know to “just say no”. My husband disagreed. He said “how will they know if you don’t tell them?”. I said “they should just know by the lifestyle that their parent live…let’s ask our kids”. (Now keep in mind, we don’t drink, we openly talk to our children frequently about the dangers of drugs, etc.)

I called my son, Joshua, age 12, into the living room and asked “Josh, what would you do if someone offered you drugs?”. His response took me by surprise. He said “I would take them and when I got a chance I would throw them away.”. I was shocked! We of course, corrected him, but that had me sitting and pondering what would have happened if that was reality and someone had offered him drugs. I don’t think that the police would have accepted that as an excuse. It certainly wouldn’t have helped one of his younger siblings if they had gotten a hold of it. …and what if he had decided that maybe this once it wouldn’t hurt to just try a little and see what it’s all about. His life would never be the same.

What I’m learning is that it’s never enough to even raise them right. You have to be very specific with children. We have to teach them in all things…not just expect that they will know. Sometimes black and white aren’t all that clear and sometimes the temptation can be too much. “Just Say No” is such a simple way to teach them to avoid the things that could hurt them. Teach them to not even weigh it out…even if you aren’t sure…”just say no”!

Our Scripture Meditation:

We are continuing on to the next part of Titus 2.

Titus 2:4-5

“Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God. NIV

Here we go. In today’s society it is not readily accepted that women should be subject to their husbands. What exactly does this mean anyway? Are we supposed to be slaves to these men in our lives?

No, actually, it means that we are supposed to submit our will to our husband’s as an act of obedience to God. The fact is: submission does not always require obedience, but does require a calm and prayerful spirit.

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