Book Review: God’s Good News (Devotions from Billy Graham)

Tracy / September 9, 2015

My first review book this month for Tommy Nelson is God’s Good News Bible Storybook.

I grew up watching Billy Graham on TV. It seemed that most of the nation stopped for his broadcasts (or at least that was my perception).

As I grew older, I learned more about his ministry to presidents that spanned decades. My husband had the opportunity to go and apply for a position with his son at Samaritan Ministries.

September’s Tommy Nelson book selection included a beautiful book from Billy Graham.

Paul and I are always looking for ways to teach our little ones about God, how to pray, and about a life of faith.

I enjoy sharing books like this one since it is full of scripture.

Some quick facts about this book:

  • There are 74 devotions, in this 192 page book.
  • It has a beautiful, padded, glossy cover that would be a beautiful addition to a book shelf.
  • It includes a dedication page, if you are choosing to give this book as a gift, and includes a satin bookmark.
  • The devotions are broken into Old and New Testament selections.
  • Each devotion is introduced with a selection from scripture, and then followed by thought-provoking words from Billy Graham.
  • If you follow one of the Amazon links on the page, you can listen to  a portion for free

From the back of God’s Good News Bible Storybook:
“Christianity is Good News…
When we open up the Bible,
it is Good News from cover to cover.
It’s the Good News that God loves us.”
–Billy Graham

“God’s Good News Bible Storybook invites your children to experience God through powerful stories from His Word, the Bible. They will imagine the walls of water in the parted Red Sea…figure out why Joseph chose to forgive his brothers…read about a paralyzed man Jesus healed from a distance…discover God’s exciting plan for their lives. Most of all this Bible storybook helps kids understand God’s incredible love for them.

With Bible stories told with actual Bible text, this storybook teaches children the most amazing news in the universe – that God loves us, saves us from our sin, and invites us into a new life with Him. Each entry includes the wisdom of Billy Graham, who spent his life helping people all over the world understand and respond in faith to the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us that God loves us-
and that is great news!”

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