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Two Long Years

Today has been two years since my mom passed. Two very long years. Mother’s Day cards are filling stores. I… Continue reading »

March 24, 2015

Two amazing things happened for me last night. First, I’ve been praying that Owen would learn to sleep by me… Continue reading »

Old Photos

Courtney and I have spent quite a bit of time scanning photos we found at Mama’s house a year ago…. Continue reading »

One Year Ago…

One year ago, today. My life completely changed. It’s not that I didn’t know it was going to happen. I… Continue reading »

Missing Mama

I’m missing my mom today. Our newest blessing is soon to arrive. There have been no homemade gifts from Grandmommy…. Continue reading »

It Was a Year Ago, Today

One year ago today, at this moment, I was sitting in a hospital waiting room. The morning had been uneventful…well,… Continue reading »

Mama’s Cheese Ball Recipe

Each and every year, Mama would either make us a Cheese Ball for the New Year, or bring the ingredients… Continue reading »


Yesterday was six months since my dear Mama passed away. I had honestly been dreading the date. I knew it… Continue reading »

Spider Lilly

Though we’ve had these flowers bloom in the backyard in various places, I’ve never had one bloom in my front… Continue reading »


Please be praying for Debi’s family this morning. When my mama was first diagnosed with cancer, I went searching for… Continue reading »

missing Mama

This week has been just plain hard. I keep thinking it will get better.  I hope it does soon. I… Continue reading »


There are very few moments in life that take my breath. I’m not talking in that exciting, kind of blissful… Continue reading »