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May 16, 2013

Years ago, when I started this blog, it was on a journey to find joy- a place I longed to… Continue reading »

May 14, 2013

When I finally fall asleep at night, I dream of my mom….she just looks at me. I wake up feeling… Continue reading »

May 8, 2013

I’m not sure my body has ever felt so weary. I lay in bed for long lengths of time thinking… Continue reading »

She’s a Person

She’s not a number, not a file. She’s not another task on a list to be crossed off. She has… Continue reading »

This Week

First, thank you Aunt Judy! Your card arrived, of course, on a day when I most needed it. Yesterday, I… Continue reading »

At the Cancer Center….

Mama wanted to sit in the recliners. 😀

An Update- March 22, 2013

Yesterday, found me thinking back to December.  Things seemed so normal- normal for us, anyway. Much has happened recently.  Things… Continue reading »

Library Time

Mama introduced Meredith the library computers last week… Grandmommy opened a whole new world to her. She was a sad… Continue reading »

March 15, 2013

Thank you for the prayers for my family. They have been much needed, and appreciated. These last few days have… Continue reading »


Well, we’re looking for the bright side of life right now. Emma, found it in the gift basket my mama’s… Continue reading »

March 13, 2013

This week has been so full of doctor appointments. Yesterday, we met the chemo doctors.  Today, mom had surgery to… Continue reading »

Our Latest Journey

Mama taking the barium for her CT scan Certainly not the yummiest thing, but she managed to drink it. Yuck…. Continue reading »