Happy 8th Birthday, Meredith…

Meredith's 8th Birthday- LinesFromTheVine.com

Sweet girl! I can’t believe she is 8 years old already. She is beautiful little girl who just seems to look a little taller every single day she wakes up.   She and Darby are the best of friends. She loves to help with the babies in our home. She helps with caring for our home.   She loves to…

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Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Jon's 10th Birthday LinesFromTheVine.com

Jonathan Patrick is already another year older. His 9th year has practically flown by. These 9 year old’s have proven to be quite a challenge for Paul and I. Terrible 2’s? Not in this house. Three year old’s tend to be very “active” and require a lot of attention. They are smart enough to get into pretty much everything while…

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Jackson!

Tracy / August 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jackson. You are a sweet boy and we love you dearly! It seems like yesterday, I was holding you in my arms and you were smiling sweetly at me. These days, you love playdough and sharpie markers. You think my purse is your personal stash of “cool stuff” and I find various chapsticks, my keys, driver’s license, and…

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How We Made a LEGO Cake

Jon wanted a LEGO cake this year for his birthday. A few years back, I made this cake for Matthew. It was A LOT of work. I hand shaped and cut all those LEGOs from fondant (which I hate). This time, I was wanting to do something different- something FUN! I looked on Pinterest and saw some ideas for the…

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Happy 8th Birthday, Jonathan!

Jon turned 8 years old this week. How did that happen so fast? He has been acting more “8” and less “7” recently. He is a very sweet little boy- always full of joy and big ideas and lots of things to tell me. He reminds Paul and I a great deal of Joshua when he was his age. Jon…

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Happy 4th Birthday, Darby!

Darby’s 4th birthday was actually last week. I’m just now finding time to post these photos! 😀 We had an

Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Each year I’m astonished by how much Matthew changes. He was a gift to our family during a time when there was much sadness. Paul’s mom had passed unexpectedly. Matthew’s birth was joyful. It was sweet to watch those who were so sad, looking at his tiny hands and feet, and into his tiny face and smiling once again. We…

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Joshua’s Birthday

Tracy / February 11, 2015

Another birthday passes for my sweet son. He is happy and settled into a home, and a growing family of his own. That part has been a little bitter-sweet for me. While I’m happy to see him happy, and I love that he is doing well, I’m also missing him in my home. I didn’t get to make him his…

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Kylie’s Birthday

Tracy / February 6, 2015

This is the first year we’ve celebrated Kylie’s birthday as our new daughter! I made her a sour cream chocolate cake. We opened gifts and enjoyed the evening before they left for church. Jackson had the best time watching her open all the little things in her box. I was excited to find her the WillowCreek figurine of the pregnant…

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Jackson Turns Two

Tracy / August 22, 2014

It just can’t be true! Has it really been 2 years?! He is a happy little man. He loves to be cuddled and giggles so that the whole room will begin to giggle right along. We’re deep in the beginnings of potty training. He colors with his older siblings and loves to play with bubbles. He reminds me of Jonathan…

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Darby Turns Three

Darby’s birthday was such fun to plan! She has been in love with the movie Frozen since the first time she watched. Making her a dress and cake to celebrate her special day just seemed obvious. I’ve never sewn formals. My mama made three of my prom dresses and after pricing the fabric and the finished costumes (have you priced…

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Matthew’s 15th Birthday

Matthew’s name means “Gift of God”. That certainly is what he is to our family. To celebrate this year, he invited a friend over for dinner. We had the most delicious chocolate cake with chocolate-coffee icing. I have very much loved this last year with Matthew. Joshua has now left the house for a home of his own. Jacob is…

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