Famiy Projects

A few things we’ve done over the last few weeks: A new tetherball set for the kiddos- Courtney votes for the FIRST time (and is now, a sitting, elected official in our county!!)- A new, simple quilt for Meredith’s first birthday- “Chia Paul”…a result of a gardening project I did with the children-

June 10, 2010

I’m not sure if we’ll have time to post in the morning. Tomorrow, Matthew turns 11. It’s difficult to imagine that eleven years have passed since his birth. His arrival marked many changes for our family. His arrival brought joy once again to a family filled with grief following the passing of Paul’s mother. I will always think of him…

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Emma’s Birthday

Tracy / October 23, 2009

Emma’s birthday officially kicks off birthday season in our home! I can hardly believe that this little person is four year old already- the time has literally flown by!! Emma is writing her name these days and soaking up some much appreciated time with her Grandmother…what a perfect way to celebrate the start of a new year for her! Emma…

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Jacob’s 14th Birthday

Tracy / October 23, 2009

The second birthday this week, Jacob turned 14! He is changing by the day and becoming a man right before my eyes. I remember Joshua’s 14th year being the last before he grew in what seemed like one night- and is now as tall as his papa! Jacob has been blessed in many ways this last year- God is leading…

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Happy Birthday, for Real!!

Today is Mrs.Tracy’s wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Your Lamkidz

Happy Early Birthday!

Hey Mom!! I just wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday!!! I love you!!! Love, Josh

My Mom’s Birthday

We celebrated my Mom’s birthday this last Friday! She seemed to really have a nice time and enjoyed her gifts. Joshua created a website for her you can view online at: http://www.ReneeWarrenSanders.com . Courtney worked on a stop motion photography movie for her…we’re trying to figure out how to upload this as streaming video. I made her some pillowcases with…

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Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Is it possible that he could already be seven years old?! The time has went by so quickly! This is Matthew getting ready to ride his brand new bicycle. He has been such a blessing to our family and we are so glad that he is ours!!

On Birthdays….

Happy Saturday morning! I’m up earlier this morning than usual on a Saturday. We have so many things we still need to finish before Matthew’s birthday tomorrow! I figured that I should get a head start. We learned something pretty great yesterday from the Shepherd’s blog…visit: http://www.visionforum.com/hottopics/multimedia/enn/ It’s Vision Forum’s “Everyday News Network“. They already have some wonderful little news…

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