Joshua’s Birthday

Tracy / February 11, 2015

Another birthday passes for my sweet son.

He is happy and settled into a home, and a growing family of his own.

That part has been a little bitter-sweet for me. While I’m happy to see him happy, and I love that he is doing well, I’m also missing him in my home.

I didn’t get to make him his favorite cake this year.
I didn’t get to crack the door open to his bedroom and sing happy birthday to wake him.
I am missing his music in the house.
I am missing his company in the evenings when all of the littles are in bed, the work of the day is done and the older children, Paul and I, just sit around and laugh about anything and everything, as we swap stories and ideas.

I just miss him.

I am happy for him. I am happy he is happy. I am proud of him beyond any words I could ever think to say or write.

Paul and I went to his home to drop off his birthday gift yesterday. We stayed to visit for a few minutes. I had cried all the way there feeling sorry for myself and thinking back to the days when he was so little. They are full of such good memories.

*Why do we women cry over everything?* I used think that was so silly…

So, today I celebrate my son. I pray the Lord will keep watch over him and his home. I pray that Joshua will continue to seek Him in his life.

I love him. I feel so blessed to be his momma. <3

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