How We Made a LEGO Cake

Jon wanted a LEGO cake this year for his birthday.

A few years back, I made this cake for Matthew. It was A LOT of work. I hand shaped and cut all those LEGOs from fondant (which I hate).

This time, I was wanting to do something different- something FUN!

I looked on Pinterest and saw some ideas for the LEGO heads but nothing that was terribly exciting, so the girls and I started thinking about how to assemble it ourselves.

Here is the quick run-down of how we made this cake:

Six layers of 8” cake

One small layer made with a custard cup

We used buttercream icing for the cake and between the layers and only fondant for the LEGO title, “JON”, the facial features, and the base plate.

I purchased a LEGO popsicle mold from our LEGO store. You can also find them here.

This was used for the larger LEGO man that stood behind Jon’s name.

I purchased two silicone molds -one for the bricks and one for smaller men (also from the LEGO store) to create the chocolate smaller LEGO men.

We started by rolling green fondant on to our cake board. We stamped it with a round cake tip to create the raised parts on a base plate.

After scooping a little icing on to the middle of the board, I stacked and iced each cake layer.

I shaved off the edges of the top 8” layer to give it a more rounded appearance.

I gave it one quick layer (dirty icing) of icing and then iced it completely with yellow icing.

I did cut the very top of the cake off to create the lid of the LEGO bucket.

The facial features (as mentioned before), were all shaped by hand using fondant. You can do a search on Google and find tons of different facial expressions.

We spend two days pouring LEGO bricks made from Wilton candy melts. (Obviously, it wouldn’t normally take two days to do this but I had only purchased one mold and was trying to make this cake over the July 4th weekend.)

We were also spending time pouring LEGO men. We first poured yellow men, then red men, and then blue men. We did this same thing with the larger popsicle mold. (I did spray all of these molds with a little non-stick cooking spray first so they would release easier.)

When the LEGO men were hardened, we cut them apart just beneath the head, and at the waist. We reassembled them into the mold leaving out the hands and head and then poured the melted yellow chocolate into the mold around them.

When we pulled them out of the mold, it created a complete, multi-colored LEGO man.

Some of these men, we left apart at the waist and used royal icing to
create sitting LEGO men. We used icing markers to draw in the eyes and mouths for each man.

I created the fondant name using this awesome tutorial on You Tube. My one regret (aside from catching my cake on fire), was touching my white fondant letters before washing my hands after rolling the black fondant. It discolored my white letters a bit.

It was disappointing, but no one really noticed.

Assembling the decorations for the cake didn’t take long.

I tucked multiple colors of LEGOS in under the “lid” of the bucket and added a few men.

We made them look like they were spilling out to one side.

I used royal icing to stack them unevenly all around the base plate of the cake. I added a rope I had created from cotton yard and tied every inch and a half to make it look more authentic. (Courtney had died it coffee earlier that day for me.) I draped it from under the lid and down the side of the cake. We royal iced LEGO men climbing down the side of the cake and on to a stack of bricks.

This cake was heavy!

I’m still learning so much about cake creation but this one was SO MUCH FUN to make- I think my favorite EVER!

Please let me know if you have any questions about how we made it- and I want to see your cakes!

Have you ever made a LEGO cake??

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