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Tracy / January 10, 2011

I mentioned in an earlier post that Courtney and I have been taking some classes together.

Don’t laugh….remember these are our first “Wilton method” cakes…. 😀

This is the poinsettia cake we made for our church fellowship in December. The flowers are completely edible!

O.K., not a “Wilton” cake- this is another cake we made for our church fellowship. I’ve made this one once before.

This is Courtney’s final project cake from course 1.

My final project cake from course 1. (We’re in course 3 now.)

This is Courtney’s birthday cake I made using the leftover buttercream icing from our previous class.

Course 1, we studied baking cakes, making icing (in the right consistency for the right job), tinting and a few basic flowers (including the ribbon rose on the top of my final project cake).

Course 2, we learned fondant and gum paste basics. I’ll try and post pics of the flowers we created- they were beautiful and looked real.

We’re in the 2nd week of course 3 now. This course covers royal icing and more advanced flower and cake design.

We’ve learned a TON about cakes in recent weeks. I know I’ll have more experience and know-how for our next family cake, but more importantly, I wouldn’t give anything for the time Courtney and I have spent together. As a young adult, we have the best conversation! She has also been driving us back and forth to class each week- I think she’ll be ready to test for her license soon.

I’m certainly thankful for the time with her. <3

2 thoughts on “Cake Classes…

  1. Laugh? No! I think you two did a great job (much better than I could have…but maybe that’s part of my being a male 🙂 ). I love the poinsettia cake. And the only reason I would laugh about the turkey cake is, well, because…once upon a time, we had a few turkeys… 😉

    Good job.

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