Jackson Turns Two

Tracy / August 22, 2014

It just can’t be true! Has it really been 2 years?!

He is a happy little man. He loves to be cuddled and giggles so that the whole room will begin to giggle right along.

We’re deep in the beginnings of potty training.

He colors with his older siblings and loves to play with bubbles.

He reminds me of Jonathan and Timothy. Sometimes I see a little peek of Joshua or Jacob. Other times I’m seeing Matthew, and with Benjamin’s playful spirit.

What a sweet blessing he is in my home. I love him so very much.

So the day started with gifts. I’m assuming always being told not to take things apart, he pretty much had a melt-down when we began to try to persuade him to actually take the paper out of the gift. :/

No worries, though. He caught on! They always do….

Little people, a latch and lock board by Melissa and Doug, and a rubber duck cake. I gave him his first haircut, (he looks older to me now).  All the makings of good memories and a happy two year old.

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