one thousand gifts

1. the letter that arrives at perfect time from a dear friend
2. blonde curls that brush across my cheek when a precious 4 year old kisses me goodnight
3. good results from a recent medical test (also arriving in the mail today– please pray as a week from tomorrow I have a couple more)
4. baby sounds from the crib still in my room -listening to him sleep is hypnotic
5. lunch out at a new place with my dear husband
6. new glasses- I can see clearly for the first time in quite a while!
7. Mama’s cane standing in the corner of my room
8. discussing the grackles with my husband on the way home
9. the sun hidden behind the most wonderful storm clouds (that resulted in hardly any rain)
10. watching Lyle pounce and play in the yard- kittens are so much fun
11. seeing the basement almost completely clean!
12. listening to the bigger boys laughing with their papa tonight in the living room as the day is ending in our home
13. climbing into a bed with crisp, white sheets
14. freshly painted toenails- they just make me happy!
15. the smell of newly mowed grass
16. the sound of my phone telling me I have a message from someone in my family
17. seeing my home in the distance when I’ve been away for the day
18. photos Courtney takes each morning- she captures our beautiful life
19. sitting right in front of a window air unit on a hot day
20. talking into a running fan with one of my littles and listening to them giggle

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