A Door Closed….

A door closed….

That’s what Courtney entitled the post on her blog.

Many of you know, she’s been in a courtship with a young man in recent months.

Some weeks back, Paul started having some rather serious concerns. He was up many nights praying and thinking through things.

At the same time, Courtney had been having some reservations of her own. At least some of these things were the same for Paul.

We prayed the Lord would give us all some clear direction. As He is always good to answer our prayers, He delivered certain clarity this past week.

The beauty of a courtship process is to really feel out compatibilities BEFORE there is an emotional involvement. (How many times do you hear stories of the things someone finds out AFTER a relationship has been established?)

In this way, in spite of the courtship ending, we feel it was a complete success.

We have met some very dear folks, my children enjoyed a wonderful trip, and we have all made some good memories.

We are all praying for both young people and that special one the Lord has just for them.

I am thankful today for my daughter and her seeking the Lord’s will in all she does. I am also thankful for my dear husband. What a blessing to have a man who stands guard over his family.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Lord work in her life!

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  1. Clarity has been my prayer for her, isn’t that something? Courtney has been on my heart again lately so it is neat to find out specifics.

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