Turning 4 Years

It’s birthday season (well, one of a few in our home now).

After celebrating Darby and Matthew’s birthday, now it’s Meredith’s turn.

She is like a little pixie in my home. I have a hard time seeing her as 4 years already, but it’s true.

We baked her a cake and opened presents.

She got a new stroller and a baby doll (she also got a baker Barbie).

She had been asking for days to go and see my grandmother. She wanted to share a slice of cake with Great-Grandmommy.

She held her baby all the way to the nursing home.

Meredith changed her diaper just as we were arriving, and had her papa unpack her new stroller.

Of course, she wanted to roll it all the way into the nursing home and to my grandmother’s room. The staff and other residents were smiling- I think Meredith made their day.

Grandmother thought she was so pretty. Meredith introduced her baby and let Grandmother hold and kiss her. I think Paul and I could have not been there at all and the two of them would have had a fine time! Meredith told Grandmother she was 4 years old now. It was sweet.

Sometimes, I wish I could bottle these days and save them!

1 thought on “Turning 4 Years

  1. Oh you have sweet girls my friend! I love that Meredith. We’ve had a special bond ever since we got in trouble for winking at each other in church!

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