Visiting Grandmother

This has been a VERY difficult week in our home, but the Lord always gives us things to be thankful for…..

Paul drove me up to spend time with my Grandmother today. What a sweet blessing.

There are so many little things I hope to remember…hearing Meredith tell her over and over how pretty her hair was, listening to her giggle as she sang “happy birthday” over the phone to my dear momma, watching her kiss my babies and tell them how pretty they both are, listening to her laugh as we talked away the morning — this day will hold *sweet* memories for me.

Baby meeting her Great-Grandmommy!!

A little ham soaking up every minute with her Great-Grandmother. 😀

My big boy who once sat in her lap and was the baby getting kisses!

1 thought on “Visiting Grandmother

  1. What a special time visiting our older grandmas. I drove this morning to spend some time with my grandma who is in early stages of Alzheimers and is just losing so much weight……getting smaller every time I see her. It seems I appreciate her even more the older that I get.
    It was great to find your blog again today. I have been unable to connect to it for the past week or so.
    Glad to know you are all still doing well.

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