Raingutter Boats

Tracy / September 19, 2006

O.K., so I’ll admit, I’m not the most timely blogger out there. I just catch a minute or two…between children, school books, and loads of laundry. I have loved keeping this website. I know that it may run late some days, and some days it doesn’t see a new post at all, but I have to say that it’s a…

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An Empty Canvas

Tracy / September 18, 2006

Fall is in the air…and thanks to a productive weekend…we’re showing signs around our home! Our outside “welcome”. Welcome to our home! I can’t keep people from making other words from my Autumn blocks. How many words can you make from Autumn? The weather has been beautiful….Courtney took these pictures from our yard this morning. Crepe Myrtle Purple flowers at…

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Frugal Friday

Tracy / September 15, 2006

What a morning this is turning out to be! The plans that I made yesterday, for today, seem to have taken a back seat to last minute things that keep popping up. This combined with a home full of tired people, thanks to the teething infant who was up most of the night, is making for a rough day. This…

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I’m Back!

Tracy / September 14, 2006

Good Morning! It has been a very long week and I needed to take some time off to take care of things for my family. Thank you so much, Joshua, for blogging for me yesterday! I’m such a blessed mom to have you guys! I enjoyed so much a visit to my Mom’s over the weekend….she won’t know it until…

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Laundry and Storms

Tracy / September 13, 2006

Hello everyone, My name is Joshua Lambert. I am posting for Mom today. As I was looking out the window today I saw our clothes hanging out on the line, then when I looked up……I saw rain clouds. Now I don’t know if you read Mom’s posting about the time when we had laundry hanging up. I thought I would…

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Tryin’ a New “Do”….

Tracy / September 8, 2006

This morning has been very busy….we enjoyed a short visit from the Blackwell family and then with my Mom, who decided to take Jacob for a “spend the night” adventure at her home. He was so excited to get to spend this special time with his Grandmother….I remember feeling the same excitement when I got to visit with my Grandmother…

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My Fellas….

Tracy / September 7, 2006

I remember growing up how intimidating little boys were. Loud, active and at least in my experience, obnoxious, I really didn’t enjoy being around them very much. Being an only child, I was never around little boys too much, only at school or daycare. How wonderful that the Lord has given me five little fellas of my own, and shown…

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Remembering Fall

Tracy / September 6, 2006

Good Morning! I hope that you are having a wonderful day and off to a good start! This morning, I was hanging laundry (this is Joshua’s solar system mini quilt drying) and I’m not sure if it’s the “fall” air beginning to blow in, but I had an instant memory of being outside of my high school, at the age…

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Only 84 Degrees?

Tracy / September 2, 2006

Hurray! I just heard on the news that the high today is only 84 degrees! Yahoo! Fall is coming. I knew that there had to be an end to all this hot weather some where! It’s been a busy and really fun Labor Day weekend. We stayed home but enjoyed some much needed “down time” as a family. Paul especially,…

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September 1st, 2006

Tracy / September 1, 2006

It’s Friday! I’ve been busy working my grand plan, so yesterday, I moved some planters onto the porch and moved off toys and debris that had been there for way too long! I’m already so thrilled with the progress that we’re making (though we still have a way to go!). This morning we were so blessed to pick 2 eggplants!…

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Tracy / August 31, 2006

Getting up at 5 in the morning is not nearly as exciting as I wish it were, but it does allow me to capture the sunrise and most importantly, to get a fresh start on my day before my family is up and roaming around. I wanted to share with you a little this morning of what has been on…

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Various Ramblings

Tracy / August 30, 2006

Wednesday, already? These weeks do fly by too quickly! We are now on day 3 of our new schedule. So far, this morning, the children are buzzing around from place to place. We’ve had no real problems (This is a first! Normally, we have to re-do our schedule several times before we find something that works!) I don’t think anyone…

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