We’re Off to Tennessee!

Last week, found us in Tennessee! Paul had a work event planned for Blountsville. That is quite a drive! So close in fact, that we found ourselves accidentally crossing over into Virginia at one time. I’m always thankful for the quiet time during the day while he works. This time, I worked on some book reviews I needed to finish.…

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The ETHAN Project- Week 1

I asked this morning on Facebook if there are friends from childhood you wish you could find again. Christy R., was my childhood friend. We went through a few grades together. She spent some time at my house and I spent lots of time with her. I was always amazed at her big, Italian family. I remember her mom brushing…

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Texas 2015 (Part 3- Fort Worth/Dallas)

Texas is beautiful.   (Paul and I eating at an Italian diner and watching the rain fall across from our hotel.) The wildflowers are blooming. The bluebonnets especially, have come to life- they are magnificent. Our last stop on our Texas trip was Fort Worth. The very best thing I did when arriving in Fort Worth was walk to the…

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Unexpected Van Repairs

Are these not the two most smiling folks you have ever seen after having dealt with a car issue? We couldn’t help but smile. Our van roof has a rusty spot that has been leaking. We decided to sprinkle some carpet fresh into the carpet so that it might help with the musty odor of the van. I actually joked…

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Teddy Bear Breakfast and Shirley Temples

How many times do we have plans and ideas and thoughts on things we want to do with our children? I wish I could say I was better about following though. The truth is I have lots and lots of ideas and very little time, as most days are full of what must be done to make our family go.…

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February 11, 2015

Tracy / February 11, 2015

We’ve had the flu. I’ve come to appreciate (is that the way I really want to word what I’m thinking?), germs. When you have a larger than average family, by the time illness circulates through everyone, it’s likely to have mutated and could go all the way through again. Isn’t that fun? I think most my friends realize we are…

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Life in 2014

Tracy / September 10, 2014

We’ve graduated. Two months ago we had four children, four and under. Now, we have four children five and under- it’s a big step in a world that threatens to be dominated by little people. 🙂 After falling out of his crib trying to escape, we packed up our second crib. Now we only have one. Jackson is officially sleeping…

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Last Weekend

Tracy / November 1, 2012

Mama came for a visit. She always has something exciting planned for the kiddos. This week, she had found a Barbie futon at her local thrift store. She worked with the little girls to make a custom cover. She had Emma cut out the pattern and tie little bows. She was so patient as they worked along her side. I…

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Home Sweet Home

Tracy / October 26, 2012

A few fall pictures from our yard…. onions spinach seedlings pure bliss 🙂 I love fall. This is the season for pumpkins, hay rides, and potluck supper. It’s the time of year when Paul and I first began a romance that has now spanned decades It’s fall when I welcomed some of my sweet little ones. It’s the smell. The…

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Cocoa and Candy Land

Tracy / October 24, 2012

Also known as family game night…. (these pictures were taken this last Friday night) I do know, I’ll hardly volunteer to sit between Jess and Jacob during my next game of UNO. They show no mercy!

A Typical Day in a Not So Typical Home

Tracy / October 22, 2012

It’s Monday. I’ve thought all weekend about what my week should hold– the projects I would like to see done, letters that need to be written, life to be lived. 🙂 I do have a few things on my list, but, it’s nice for once to not have a schedule over-flowing with activities. It’s nice to have a moment to…

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