Life in 2014

Tracy / September 10, 2014

We’ve graduated.

Two months ago we had four children, four and under.

Now, we have four children five and under- it’s a big step in a world that threatens to be dominated by little people. 🙂

After falling out of his crib trying to escape, we packed up our second crib. Now we only have one.

Jackson is officially sleeping in a toddler bed. With this many littles, it is bringing with it an usual amount of craziness.

Tonight, we heard a sound of panicked giggling. The littles having been placed in bed for the evening, crept out of their room (and over the baby gate!) to the kitchen and took a whole container of Hershey’s cocoa powder. Deciding it wasn’t really fit to eat, they spread it THEIR ENTIRE ROOM.

Baths, laundered clothing, laundered bedding, the vacuum, and a rug that may never look the same again…all remnants of their evening activities.

It’s been something like this each and every day.

Yesterday, it was realizing Jackson and Darby had taken TWO entire packages of feminine supplies out of the bathroom and plastered them all over their room.

I could be stressed or angry (and I am telling them no!), but honestly I am so grateful for the sounds of their little feet running through the house. Everyone is laughing (though maybe not the budget- cocoa is expensive!). having seen them completely brown and all covered in cocoa.

The Lord is good in the big things and He is good in the little things. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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