Mother’s Day and a Changed Life

mama and I

Mother’s Day is approaching. There are many, still very raw thoughts, and many feelings. I realize I probably share more than most are comfortable with, or even care to read.  😀 This time of year, it is easy to think on my mom and her passing. I’m still very much grieving. I’m not sure you ever really stop grieving over…

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Our Week in Review- February 25, 2018
Tracy / February 26, 2018

Our Week in Review… A page turn for our family. I know these posts are long- I’m trying to be more careful about remembering the happenings each day. I’m just bringing each of you along on the ride.:) Feel free to just pick a day to read, if you would like!  If you are staying for the entirety of our…

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Teaching Children to Pray

Tracy / September 1, 2015

I have written through the years of being a little girl visiting with my great-grandmother. The example of her faith in the Lord planted seeds in my life that have continued to grow though she has been gone for many years. Of my many memories, I remember listening to her pray. She would later tell me how she prayed for…

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LEGO Americana Roadshow

Tracy / August 28, 2015

The LEGO Americana Roadshow has arrived in our city! Do your children play with LEGOS? They are the toy of choice in our home with my oldest children. We happened on the exhibit completely by accident but it made a perfect homeschool field trip. (KUDOS, LEGO corporation for turning something children love into something that teaches, too!) The mall had…

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Evening Routines

I’ve been working to post my home management/diligence card system today. It is still a work in progress. I foresee cards for evening chores, a mid-day routine, school work, a reading list, and I’m not sure what else. These cards have worked so well for us, I’ve found myself wondering why it took me so long to figure all of…

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Morning Routines

I wrote earlier today about the DILIGENCE BOARD and the morning chore cards we have created for our family. I’m planning to make a little video a little later today about these cards. Our morning routine cards are a little different than our morning chore cards. The morning routines (especially the printed cards), lay everything out for my children in…

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Morning Chores

If you are here for the first time, I’m so glad you stopped by! We are a “larger than average” family. I guess some would consider us a big family. 🙂 I am asked ALL THE TIME how we manage our home so I decided to start a series on this topic. Our home is so far from perfectly clean.…

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Unexpected Excitement

Paul heard the cats hissing from his office window a few weeks back. Look what we found in the driveway! (Well, technically the cats found him first.) The unexpected things make for the best homeschooling days, ever!


“WHAT are we making?” “EEWWWwwwww“, and then there were giggles all around. Mix equal parts of liquid starch and clear glue. Add a FEW drops of food coloring and mix well. (You may have to mix it some with your fingers.) *This slime will not stain your fingers after it has been mixed well! Also, the longer it’s worked, the…

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Teddy Bear Breakfast and Shirley Temples

How many times do we have plans and ideas and thoughts on things we want to do with our children? I wish I could say I was better about following though. The truth is I have lots and lots of ideas and very little time, as most days are full of what must be done to make our family go.…

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Tracy / November 30, 2014

These are days when I love homeschooling. Don’t think for a minute they are all like this, but there are those when the days stretch out and seem so perfect. We’re enjoying fall. These photos were snapped on the afternoon of the recent solar eclipse. The cooler afternoons have made it difficult to want to be inside, *at all*. I…

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Restore Me, Lord.

Tracy / November 27, 2014

Tonight, I sat to talk with my lovely young daughter who seems to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. I do remember the days of teenage dreams, and moments of growth and change. They were times when the world seemed all wrong. I’ve recently had the same thing going on in my life.  I think moments of…

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