Morning Chores

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We are a “larger than average” family. I guess some would consider us a big family. 🙂

I am asked ALL THE TIME how we manage our home so I decided to start a series on this topic.

Our home is so far from perfectly clean. I’ve actually given up on that until the children are all grown but then there will be grands, so I’m not sure it’s ever going to look like Better Homes and Gardens around here. 😀

Anyway, this series is covering a few of the tools we are using to maintain some order around our home. Perhaps you will gather some good ideas for your home, or maybe you have some great ideas for me!

A while back, I asked Courtney (my resident handy-woman), to make me a diligence board, complete with cup hooks for each child.

I had an idea for writing out the chores and routines for each of my children. (This completely eliminates that whole “I didn’t know”, or “I forgot” thing that happens so often around our home.)

These are part of our “diligence” cards.

The morning chore cards list for each child exactly what I’m expecting for them to have done before we eat breakfast.

Because they are done each day, they don’t take a terribly long time to complete.

I’ve printed mine on to card stock using Publisher, but you could just as easily write them on note cards.

I also ran mine through a laminator. I’m so thankful I did this- they have held up. The laminating plastic looks a little worn, but it still works just fine.

Also, I have my cards looped on to a paperclip. Obviously, you could use a keyring (which I plan to use soon for my cards), or just tie them with a string. The keyring or paperclip allow them to hang easily from our diligence board so they don’t get lost.

Jackson (age 2)
Morning Chores

  • Look cute!
  • Smile at everyone!
  • Give Mama extra kisses
  • Stay out of trouble (not that you would ever get into trouble

Darby (age 4)
Morning Chores

  • Bring trash cans to kitchen to be emptied
  • Wipe off all light switches
  • Play with Jackson until breakfast

Meredith (age 6)
Morning Chores

  • Sweep living room tile
  • Wipe down living room tile
  • Clean glass door in living room (inside and out)
  • Empty hampers downstairs

Jonathan (age 8)
Morning Chores

  • Empty trash cans
  • Pick trash up from yard
  • Sweep steps and clean hall downstairs
  • Sweep upstairs hall, dust furniture
  • Straighten family room

Emma (age 9)
Morning Chores

  • Vacuum
  • Straighten changing table (replenish supplies)
  • Water inside plants
  • Straighten storage shelves and middle part of basement

Benjamin (age 11)
Morning Chores

  • Clean Guest Bathroom
  • Dust/Polish Bedroom Furniture
  • Vacuum
  • Straighten Back Porch
  • Clean Under Back Porch and Immediate Back Yard

Timothy (age 13)
Morning Chores

  • Clean Master Bathroom
  • Feed Fish
  • Empty Trashcans from Bathrooms
  • Feed Cats
  • Straighten Front Porch

Matthew (age 15)
Morning Chores

  • Clean Living Room
  • Clean Library
  • Dust Ceiling Fans

Jessica (age 17)
Morning Chores

  • Make Breakfast
  • Pick Flowers/Refresh Flower Arrangements

Courtney (age 23)
Morning Chores

  • Dress Jackson and Darby for the Day (take them to potty)
  • Water Plants on Front and Back Porch
  • Start Laundry (Sort Next Two Loads)
  • Collect Veggies from Garden

We also have cards for our morning routines, which are different than morning chores. Those are the cards that list hygiene and basic things to be done to start the day.

Jacob is missing from this list since he leaves for work before the sun is up each morning and obviously, Owen is a little young for chores.

I’ve also posted about our morning routine cards and our evening routine cards. If you prefer to see an explanation of this card system, you can watch my (very first!!) video below:

What about you? Do your children have a chore list each day? Do you give them the same jobs or does it vary depending on the day or need of your home?

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