Tracy / November 30, 2014

These are days when I love homeschooling.

Don’t think for a minute they are all like this, but there are those when the days stretch out and seem so perfect.

We’re enjoying fall. These photos were snapped on the afternoon of the recent solar eclipse.

The cooler afternoons have made it difficult to want to be inside, *at all*.

I could have stayed in this very place with my babies.

The Lord has been good to me. Things aren’t always easy but how faithful He is to carry me along and bless me in the most immeasurable ways.

Thank you, Lord.


1 thought on “Homeschooling

  1. I was up on our roof painting the house that day, so I had a great viewpoint. But alas!, by the time the eclipse happened, there were too many clouds in the way and the sun was just below the tree line! I didn’t get to see it, but I’m glad y’all had a great time. 🙂

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