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Difficult Lessons

but funny– It’s in fact, very funny. They sneak my camera and actually take these photos themselves. One day, they’ll… Continue reading »

Mommy Skills….

Emma is learning. She doesn’t know it just yet, but these years are forming her heart and her mind for… Continue reading »

You Never Know When ….

your sister is hiding around the corner with Mama’s camera.

A Typical Day in a Not So Typical Home

It’s Monday. I’ve thought all weekend about what my week should hold– the projects I would like to see done,… Continue reading »

Sunday Morning

Paul has always said, “the person who wrote “Easy Like Sunday Morning”, did not have children to dress for church!”…. Continue reading » Phonics

Teach Your Child to Read– Phonics/Reading

We are asked about the phonics curriculum we use quite often. Honestly, most things change from year to year, but… Continue reading »

Goodbye to Summer

I know the days of summer have come to an end, but we still had this little loose end to… Continue reading »

Joshua’s Trip and a Prayer Request

Well, just when I’m celebrating a small milestone (which isn’t really small at all….just for a small person…), my oldest… Continue reading »

Budding Violinist

Emma just completed her first term in violin lessons! She’s been playing frequently….I’ll admit I’m humming that “eggs, eggs, eggs”… Continue reading »

Sharing News….

We have had the most beautiful, and unexpected news this week. It would seem, that the Lord is blessing us… Continue reading »

December 1, 2011

I’ve had lots of help packing away our fall/Thanksgiving decorations. The children carefully went through the house gathering pumpkins, and… Continue reading »

November 30, 2011

Another year seems to be coming to an end, my friends. I’m humbled to see the many faces, and places… Continue reading »