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I’m Back!

Good Morning! It has been a very long week and I needed to take some time off to take care… Continue reading »

Only 84 Degrees?

Hurray! I just heard on the news that the high today is only 84 degrees! Yahoo! Fall is coming. I… Continue reading »

Split Watermelon?

Good Morning! I’m so glad to be starting this day feeling almost normal again! There for a while, I was… Continue reading »

Jacob’s Pride

I know that we have posted pictures of our sunflowers before. This is the latest, taken this morning. I can’t… Continue reading »

Our Garden Mascot

Froggie, is our garden mascot….he keeps the plants company when we are away!

Twin Giants

These are the two newest sunflowers in our yard. We call them the “twin giants”. I think that overall, these… Continue reading »

Watermelon Blooms

We’re thrilled to see these new little flowers.

Mystery Plant #2

I submit for your consideration mystery plant #2. Both of our mystery plants seem to be fairing well in our… Continue reading »

Mystery Plant #1

I submit, for your consideration, mystery plant #1. I know that these grew from some kind of seed that either… Continue reading »

Totebag Updates

I had the privilege of speaking for a while with my dear friend, Maribel, yesterday. I already owned the book… Continue reading »

Drying Herbs

These are the herbs that we gathered from our garden this morning. We love herbs…they are very versatile…from gifts to… Continue reading »

1st Harvest

It’s not much, but we were so excited to pick our first harvest this morning! Rosemary, lavender, thyme, 1 eggplant,… Continue reading »