Laundering Diapers

It was right after 5 this morning when I snapped this picture. There is something to be said for hanging laundry in the early morning hours. You can see God’s grace and beauty in every direction. Everything smells sweet and the birds chirp so softly….it was pleasant and such a wonderful way to start a day. First, let me apologize…

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1st Cucumber Sprouts

New cucumber sprouts …..we’re looking towards pickles!!!! Anyone have any good pickle recipes??

Tiny Foods

These are Joshua’s favorite…we planted them closest to the deck so that he could eat them whenever he would like!

Little Watermelon Vines

Our watermelon vines are still very small. We’re hoping that they will grow enough to harvest some over the summer. I’m still learning about all of this so I guess we’ll wait and see!

Little Plum Trees

The plum trees are “awakening”. I need to do some research about the proper pruning and care for these little growing trees!

1st Eggplant

Looks like the beginning of our first eggplant! We are very excited to be getting this!!

Bell Pepper- Oops!

Looks like something enjoyed this bell pepper before we got the chance!!

1st Bell Pepper

This is our first good bell pepper. They look yucky when they are first growing but it’s just part of the process.

Blooming Marigolds

I‘m excited to see little blooms on my marigolds. We harvest our seeds each year from the plants the year before. You can do this by breaking open the bloom after it has dried (marigold seeds look like tiny match sticks). Marigolds will keep pests from your garden, and mosquitoes from your home if you plant them on either side…

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Sunflowers, Day 2

I wasn’t sure if yesterday’s picture did these flowers justice, so I decided to post a different angle today! This morning, when I went outside on the porch to see Paul off, we realized that we were beginning to see some yellow on the inside of the flowers!! (I think it’s funny that he is even enjoying watching these big…

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Small Sunflowers

Some of our sunflowers are not the “monsters” that are growing by our deck. This is one view of the smaller ones out by our storage space.