This Week’s Visit With My Grandmother

My grandmother was well this week.

Her roommate told me I had just missed them placing her back in bed. It doesn’t matter what time or what day I visit, she is always in her bed. I normally try and go in the mornings each week, this time I tried in the early evening on a Sunday.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit with her soon while she is up for the day.

We did enjoy our visit. It had been a while since she had spoken with Courtney. Because she works during the day while I am visiting, but this time she was free to go. Grandmother asked her all sorts of questions and kept telling me how beautiful she has become (I knew that! *smile*).

She is always giggling over these men of mine. She told me at one point she was just amazed that I had children who were all so grown and most of them taller than me. She sees I am happy and she is happy for me.

I love my grandmother. I stand so very grateful the Lord has allowed her to be with us this long. She is a blessing to my family and I.

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