visiting with my grandmother

Tracy / September 21, 2013

Grandmother was really good last week. She enjoyed chatting with Timothy, and Courtney may have started singing to her. 🙂

She giggled with us and I polished her fingernails.

I never know how she will be from week to week. She gets confused really easily. This week she asked if my grandfather was there. I explained I had never met him because he had passed before I was born. She also asked if I had seen my great-grandmother when I came in to see her.
It’s hard to know exactly what to say but I try to be honest and just remind her the Lord has a plan for our lives and we are where we are supposed to be for now.

Mostly, she was happy and had been visiting with her friends when we arrived. They always tell me how much they love her.

I know that feeling.

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