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Have you started thinking about summer with your children yet?

The temperatures here are near 90 this week. It’s a reminder that spring is coming to a quick close and summer is arriving.

I’ve been thinking about the last few years. I always had plans for summer fun. I wanted the children to go into fall with memories of exciting events and lots of laughter. My desire was that we spark imagination and create new memories.

Each summer seems to come and go. It’s easy to become lost in the everyday life (something always seems to need my attention). In the end, those “what I did with my summer” essays aren’t sounding so exciting.

This year I wanted things to be different.

I was THRILLED to find the ETHAN Project (ENJOY the HERE and NOW Project).

The Ethan Project is a 10 week summer blogger challenge.

You can take a peak at each weekly challenge HERE as well as read through an example of how a weekly challenge would work for you.

When you sign up, you will receive an easy to use, well-organized kit that will contain a folder for each week. Each week has a theme with writing prompts, beautiful graphics, and tips for your blogging and social media.

You are also given access to a Facebook group just for other bloggers participating in the challenge. You can find support, get ideas and share your own stories!

My favorite part of the challenge is that while you are creating memories for your children, you will also look back to see some personal growth. Reconnecting with friends, trying new things, and appreciating what is already around you.

I’m going to be making memories with my children while also improving my blogging and social media skills.

The Lord willing, this year, I’m making plans and we are having an intentional summer.

It’s going to be an exciting summer!

How about you? Do you have special plans for the summer?

Do you (like me), have Pinterest boards full of activities for your children but just never seem to fit it in?

Let’s plan together. I would love to hear what you have planned for your children and your summer.

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*I received an invitation to try the summer blogger challenge free in exchange for my review. I was not required to leave a positive review.

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