Owen Elias

I’ve not posted many photos from Owen’s birth.

Something little (like having a newborn, helping one son buy a house while setting up a second for his new job, FIL having open-heart surgery, and closing Mama’s final affairs, etc.), has kept me from having time to keep posting. Such is life sometimes.

In any case…these are photos from baby day.

Leaving for the hospital before daylight. Courtney and Matthew dropped us off! It was fun chatting about what the day would bring as we drove along.

Our little one arrived.  It’s amazing to think he came just at the moment the Lord designated so long ago.  He’s absolutely perfect.

This morning, he’s sound asleep on my bed next to me while I type.  It’s incredible to think that we ever didn’t have him in our home.  He just feels like he’s always been…always part of our family.

His smile lights my heart.  He often holds my finger while he nurses.  The world is calm around us and I could hold him forever.

He was born with four little scratches (still healing!), down his face.  They looked to be a few days old when he was born.  They are guessing he scratched himself while trying to suck his thumb inside of me days before he was born.

Paul and I are blessed to have such a sweet baby. I feel overwhelmed and humbled that where I have no father, and now my mother is deceased, and there are no siblings…the Lord has given us this big and beautiful family.

In years to come, my extended family will look so different than it does right now. The Lord is good!

And they love him…..

Peaceful Papa…

Beautiful flowers from a wonderful, adored husband…

Our view from the hospital room…

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