Updates and Changing Seasons

Another pregnancy has come and gone.

I am in awe of God’s grace and mercy to me this last week.

Little Owen’s birth was long, but very easy in comparison to some I’ve had. I’m left with a healthy, precious little one that I just can’t kiss enough.

I’m in love and I haven’t even had him a week.

He seems to be an easy baby…well, he does have his moments. He’s not particularly fond of Darby singing the high notes to her favorite song from the movie, Frozen.

He does seem to adore his papa singing to him and seems to love the car rides he has made home from the hospital and then out to the doctor and back yesterday.

He is a blessing and a comfort to my heart, (probably in more ways than he’ll ever know).

Bitter-sweet is that Joshua has worked out arrangements for housing of his own. I’m not sure I’m ready for him to be gone…my first little bird to leave my nest.

Paul, even this morning, was reminding me it’s time. Joshua has worked and saved for years for this time in his life. I know he’ll be fine and he’s ready to start a family of his own.

My heart just already misses him terribly. My home feels emptiness just knowing he’s leaving soon.

Jacob, is also in the middle of such change. He starts a new job this week. They are offering to pay for 100% of his education, as long as he keeps up his grades. This is a great opportunity for him. I know he will enjoy this new path.

Sigh. This has been a strange season of life.

-It’s an odd place to have said good-bye to so much and to be welcoming a new little one and seeing change happening all around, and wanting the world to stop *just for a while*.

…and I want to talk to my mom. When does this stop? Does it ever stop?

I want her to see Owen. I want her to see his soft, full face and his chubby fingers. I so long to hear those same stories from when I was a baby.

I want to tell her how my heart hurts as i am having to begin to let go of Joshua.

It’s not quite been a year yet, but almost. This heartache still feels so fresh sometimes.

Today, I’m smiling at my little ones. We’re homeschooling, and some are going to visit with my grandmother. There is shopping to be done and a new baby to hold. I will enjoy having my husband home for another day. I will read a bedtime story and listen to rain falling outside of my window.

No matter what, the Lord knows this season. I’m thankful for so many ways He makes Himself known to me these days.

2 thoughts on “Updates and Changing Seasons

  1. I can relate to so many of these feelings you have described. Funny how our lives seem so similar. Welcoming a baby shortly after losing our mom. Raising little ones while letting go of our older ones. So many changes. Some good, some hard. Life just marches on. Praying for you!

  2. I really enjoy reading your words when you pour your heart out here. You’ve had a lot of changes in this last year, my dear friend. But God is so good to be with us in those good and not-so-good changes. He never lets go of our hand. What a comfort that is. I continue to pray for you. I’m anxious to get back and pay you a visit.

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