Owen’s Coming Home Outfit

Tracy / February 20, 2014

I’ve been meaning to post photos of little Owen’s coming home outfit for several weeks.

It is all clean, covered and ready to take to the hospital.

These little Feltman Brothers outfits have been a long standing tradition in my family for decades.

I have one that I wore coming home.

My mama bought one for each of my babies as they have been born.

She would carry it to my grandmother who would launder it along with the rest of our baby things.

She would wash them in Dreft and fold them all so neatly. The coming home outfit would be pressed and hung- it looked perfect.

She stuffed each little bootie with cotton so they would hold their shape.

When it was all finished, she would call me over to take them home. Her entire apartment would smell so sweet.

I spoke with her recently about how special these memories are to me. She smiled and patted me on the hand. I’m not sure she completely understands why she doesn’t do this anymore, but she did remember that it was once tradition.

It has created such a special spot in my heart.

One day, I hope to be washing grand-baby laundry.

I did almost decide on a different outfit this time. It was just sad having to think about taking the tradition forward without her.

As I was standing in the store, I knew she would want me to carry on for the remainder of my children.

Now precious Owen will match the rest.

Thank you, Mama, for all the special memories you created for me through the years.

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  1. This post made me a little teary. My mom used to buy my babies’ coming home from the hospital outfits too. So hard having special times without our moms. 🙁 You don’t have long! I know you must be getting anxious! I pray you have an easy delivery and a healthy little boy!

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