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Tracy / January 1, 2014

My husband gave me an early Christmas gift this year.

We settled on our baby’s name, Owen Elias Lambert.

I was beginning to think he would never have a name.  I’ve been praying, but nothing felt “right”.

I’ll explain the meaning of his name in the coming months- it was meaningful to us both, and a name befitting a man.

In the midst of all the construction, and so many other events of life that have drawn my attention, I have not paid much attention to how my pregnancy was progressing (of course, other than to enjoy feeling him moving inside of me!).  I happened to look down at my calendar this last week and see I’ve made it to 25 weeks!  Though we would never want him to be born this early, I remember seeing so many babies at the hospital where I worked years ago, that were living after having been born this early.  It’s certainly not ideal, but this point always gives me some comfort.  It was a blessing to realize that I’ve made it so far- and that the pregnancy seems to be treating me well!

Yesterday, while I was out running errands, our contractor’s brother stopped by to visit.  This is the same man who works on our cars and is a dear brother in the Lord.  He gave Courtney a package and told her his mother-in-law (I’ve never met), had made this for our new little one:

It’s hand-quilted, and so beautiful!  What a blessing to have someone make something so special for our newest baby.  It seems the Lord has just poured out so many sweet things on our family this week.  It’s hard to even remember them all- this one was extra-special!

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