Tracy / December 18, 2013

We’ve been trying to wrap up some last minute things we have to do before Courtney has her surgery on Thursday.

Jacob’s braces went on yesterday.

I really thought he would be hurting today, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. He’s trying hard not to rub his lips across them too much.

I think his efforts may spare him the pain poor Matthew suffered that first week.

Today, I had some last minute Christmas shopping (for things I KNOW I had already purchased), the annual jewelry sale at a local boutique, and a visit with my Grandmother!

She was in such a sweet mood today. I had taken her a few things she was needed, an couple of early Christmas gifts from us and one from another family member.

She spoke of Christmas and how much she was looking forward to the things the nursing home has planned for the residents.

She laughed, and kept telling my girls how beautiful they both were. I think we all enjoyed the time.

I’ve thought so much over the many Christmas Eve dinners we had in her home.

She had a simple elegance with decorating, and everything was just perfect. She always made a delicious dinner. Each of her grandchildren had a Christmas stocking she had monogrammed for them she would fill with all sorts of fun things.

I’m thankful the Lord allows me each and every moment with her. She is a blessing to the children, and I.

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