Today’s To-Do List (August 1, 2012)

Our baby’s expected date is arriving fast!

As usual, I’ve created my note card to-do list/flipper.  It’s easier for me to keep track of what has been done and what is still needed when I list everything out this way.

Today’s list is rather long.  I’m not exactly sure how much we’ll finish, but we’re giving it our best shot- and I do have a small army of happy helpers to help. 🙂

I’ll try and post pictures of our progress a little later today.  For now, Matthew is already working on my scrapbook closet, Jacob is working on chickens and is about to hang a much-needed toilet tissue holder in our guest bathroom, and Jessica is removing curtains to be washed.

I’m posting this, and about to sit back down to about the biggest mess I’ve ever seen– sorting through all of our scrapbooking supplies, photos, etc. so they will be ready to re-pack (organized, HURRAY!), in the closet.

Everyone else is off to pick up Joshua’s new car following a mandatory state inspection, and to visit with my Grandmother for the morning.

So, here is today’s list:

  • Prepare for church tonight -(only a portion of our family ended up going….
  • Finish painting the scrapbook closet
  • Organize supplies to place away tomorrow, once paint has dried
  • Email to check on another friend expecting a baby any day
  • Renew car tags
  • Visit Grandmother / Pick up  Joshua’s car
  • Visit grocery for some items that I needed and happen to be on sale this week!  🙂
  • Order flea meds for pets
  • Mail house payment
  • Hang guest toilet tissue holder (not sure why there wasn’t one there when we moved here, or why it has taken us two years to hang one!)
  • Order pictures for my living room stairwell, and my baby frames
  • Pedicure  🙂
  • Caulk kitchen counter behind sink
  • Bake squash casseroles for freezer
  • Prepare diapering supplies basket for my living room
  • Clean cobwebs from front porch
  • Clean house windows accessible from front porch
  • Wipe down LR stair railings
  • Make a run to drop things by thrift store
  • Wash curtains in my bedroom, big girl room, and my bathroom
  • Paint trim around window in master bathroom
  • Wash fabric I purchased yesterday for last blanket/burpie set I’m making for baby
  • Create baby hospital door wreath
  • Work on dinner for tonight
  • Pre-season and freeze meat coming from grocery store today
  • Clean out 2nd fridge and freezer
  • Clean pantry floor (scrape away little bits of paint from where we worked on the ceiling)
  • Spray paint hardware for my bedroom
  • Build a closure of some sort for between the fridge and dishwasher.  I’m hoping to stop everything that is being dropped in this space!
  • Re-organize laundry shelves

2 thoughts on “Today’s To-Do List (August 1, 2012)

    1. LOL! This is how I get at the end of a pregnancy. I already have folks started on what needs to be done today. I always feel behind and that I still have so much needing to be done. Regardless, the little one will come at some point and won’t care if things are painted, or hung straight, or looking “just right”, but it does make me feel better and makes it easier on my grown children while we are in the hospital. 🙂 Want to come help?? *smile*

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