Today’s “To-Do”

Tracy / February 21, 2011

We’ve been busy today.

Call it “nesting” or whatever…I have been seeing one thing after another that needed to be done. Here’s the list of what we’re working today:

Check Morning Chores
Pack Valentine’s Decorations
Pack Christmas Decorations (don’t ask…we’ve just had them stashed until I purchased Rubbermaid boxes)
Clean Backyard
Buy Chick Starter
Mail 2 Letters
Remove Thrift Store Items From Schoolroom
Big Boys Need to Tidy Their Room
Straighten Locked Toy Closet
Re-organize Younger Children’s Hanging Clothing
Figure Our Clothes Dividing System
Clean Up End of Hall
Sort Meredith and Darby’s Folded Clothes
Sort Sewing Projects
Part of Basement Cleaned
Clean Top of Pattern Cabinet
Call About Piano Lessons
Price New Dishwasher
Take Pics of New Flowers
Blog (Which I’m Obviously Doing Now *smile*)
Post New Month of Archives
Order Replacement Books
Clean Out Changing Table
Decide on Dinner for Tomorrow
Touch Up Paint on LR Wall
Little Boys and Emma to Wash Hall Walls
Plant Mint
Straighten House
Sit Plants in Rain (it didn’t rain so we had to water them by hand)
Straighten Bottom School Cabinets
Laundry Room Needs to be Cleaned to Prep for Repair Work Paul is Doing Tomorrow
Post Ad for Mobile Home Sale
Work on Emma’s Dresses
Wash Baby Slips I’m Currently Sewing
Bring Baby Cradle Down From Attic (Hurray!!)
Clean Bottom of Bathroom Closet

It’s a little after 1 p.m. now…we’ll see how much we can get done. We’re going to give it our best try!! 😀