Tracy / December 31, 2011

Saying goodbye to 2011….

It’s fun to think back over big moments from the year, but honestly, it’s those little moments, that make our life so special.

Waking up in the morning to happy babies jumping into your bed, or a little person who just wants to show you their latest masterpiece.

Those are what make daily life wonderful, and paint a home and a family with their unique colors and qualities.

When I think over the past year, it has been a good one for the Lambert family.

There are far too many memories for me to remember them all, but these are a few things that stand out in my mind:

Sunrise over our lake….

We’ve met several goals including Courtney and Joshua learning to drive, and Jacob testing for his permit.

We’ve been blessed with good health and happy children. (Well, there was that little incident with Jacob…..)

We added a new little person into our home, and found that (the Lord willing), we’ll be doing the same in 2012!

(….and she had HAIR!!! :D)

I’ve finished several sewing projects, though I’ll admit, this one of the areas that I would like to see improvement this coming year.

We finally wecomed long-awaited high speed internet to our home. (We’re still trying to catch up after two years without!)

We had a mildly successful garden (we never did so well on tomatoes and peppers, but WOW, were we blessed in the potato area)!

We welcomed two new cats and a puppy into our lives. We continue to keep chickens (at this time we’re receiving almost 20 eggs per day!), and now have an aquarium full of fish, too!

We have finished our second year of ladies’ fellowship meetings in our home (these ladies continue to be an encouragement to our family!).

We’ve almost finished Joshua’s new office, and learned to put in wood flooring! (This was a VERY exciting part of the year. Maybe by this time next year, we’ll have more floors finished in our home!)

I have made some progress organizing our family momentos and pictures. Again, I hope this next year will see further progress in this area.

We built a new chicken house.

(Now, realizing how much my family would spend apart this last year, I’m incredibly thankful for the time spent on this project. It was hard work…and it took a lot of time, but that is exactly what we needed!)

Courtney and I finished cake decorating classes. This was sweet time shared with my dear daughter, and we’ve since went on to make several cakes!

I’ll admit, I’ve been quite spoiled by the amazing pictures coming from Courtney this year. If I just had a little more space on my walls….

In April, tornadoes ripped through our state. There are still visible reminders everywhere you look. At our home, the storms in June did much more damage. We still have massive trees down through our back yard.

We’ve tried all sorts of new recipes, and have worked to teach the younger family members to begin cooking.

I would like to think I’m leaving 2011 much better organized. Of course, that does change from day to day!!

Courtney started her first really big sewing project by herself. She is doing such a great job! Hopefully, we’ll have pictures of the finished product soon!

Then there was Joshua’s big job.

At the first of the year, you could have never convinced me that my son would spend months of his year in California. December finds him busy each day, working away in his home office. This has been such a great opportunity.

I’m thankful for the experience he has gained, but I am so glad to have him back home now.

The end of this year finds Paul just one quarter from finishing his 4 year degree.

Just one quarter.

At the moment, he holds the top GPA in his graduating class.

This, while having worked hours and hours each week, fathering a large family, and pretty much being the very best husband on earth.

He has worked very hard, and we are incredibly proud of him.

It’s been a sweet year full of many friends, family and memories.

I’m thankful to God for the life that he has given. I’m thankful to God for this past year, and for the one that is waiting just on the doorstep.

Thank you, dear friends, for visiting with me this past year. <3

With my love,

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