A Couple of Sewing Projects…

I’ve finally started a few sewing projects for the new little person:

–Baby slips that will eventually have matching little dresses!

These are two different sizes, in pink and blue.

Each one has embroidered flowers across the front.

Fabric for a friend’s expected little one. We have enough for a generous sized blanket and burp cloth.

Fabric for our expected baby girl. Each one of these will also make a baby blanket with matching burp cloth.

The Lord willing, I’ll be able to find some time for sewing this weekend. 😀 I’m running out of time!!

3 thoughts on “A Couple of Sewing Projects…

  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL!! When are you due? We are due May 5, 2011 with #4! We won’t know boy or girl till the birth. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Christina! We’re due on June 6th…it seems just around the corner. Congratulations on your expected little one. You’ll have to check back and let me know what you have. 😀 Have a blessed day!!

  2. These are pretty. We will have to get together and sew sometime. I will bring my latest project tomorrow and show you. Maybe we can swap ideas with each other.

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