On a Cold Day…

It’s nice to remember we had a little taste of Spring!

We’ve been re-planting, and splitting plants, preparing garden beds, and thinking towards Spring (though we’re shivering on this March morning!).

Mint growing in a pot on the front porch

Preparing Pansies

Mom’s ferns (split from plants we had last year and planted in brand new baskets!

Ferns after being re-potted and split. They were a little puny when this photo was snapped a couple of weeks back…they’re finally beginning to look a little better, LOL!

New seeds arrive from Baker’s Creek!!

New garden gloves!!

Jiffy Pellets

Dollar Tree plastic boxes to make mini greenhouses

2 thoughts on “On a Cold Day…

  1. All your plants look like they are thriving! We have been on hold recently, with my daughter having surgery. But, here in Northern, North Carolina, we are expecting near 80 degrees this week. Definitley planting, or at least “seeding” time.

    1. They seem to be doing well. We placed mulch out around the garden beds this week and keep covering/pulling plants in when it seems the weather will be too cold. They are all still green…I think that’s a good sign!! *smile*

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