September 30, 2010

Tracy / September 30, 2010

I *detest* car problems.

In 2003, we were hit by another car that totaled our 15 passenger van. Since then, we’ve pretty much been a one car family.

Generally, this doesn’t cause too many issues. Paul works an awful lot, but he and I enjoy store trips together each week. (Consider it a purposeful date, LOL!)

I’ll tell you, one of my favorite “dates” has become dropping by the SAM’s….we can stock the cupboards and share dinner for $5.00. You can’t beat that anywhere!

There are times I would like to get out and go this place or another, but during this season of life, I’m really at home more than not, and I’m blessed with great friends who either don’t mind coming to my house to visit, or don’t mind picking me up when they go places.

Going back to the topic, this morning, the car died. Again. This will be the second time in about three weeks that we’ve had it serviced.

–Just one of the drawbacks to owning an ancient antique car…but, it’s paid for and that counts big for us!

In the coming weeks, we’re looking at adding a second vehicle, but this week, we’ll just get her patched up again and hope for the best. ; )

Back to the point again (I am too easily distracted, I think!).

God is so faithful…so mighty….so caring- I think we forget to look for His provision, but it’s ALWAYS there. He NEVER fails.

Here are just a few ways we’ve seen Him at work this morning:

  • The weather was just beautiful! Not bad when you are having to deal with car issues.
  • Paul will be paid tomorrow and was just paid for a job he’s been working earlier this week. God provided the extra work before we even knew we would have a car expense…AMAZING!
  • We were on our way back from caring for a dear friend’s homestead when it stopped running. Because the animals had already been fed, we didn’t have to worry about them immediately.
  • We were scheduled to pick up a rental car this morning for an upcoming trip Paul has planned. When he arrived to pick it up, they gave him a rental van…(perfect!), until our car is returned. We can still run all the errands we needed to run and it won’t cost us a dime!
  • A very sweet, neighboring family was on their way out the door this morning and didn’t mind a bit giving him a ride to the rental place (they are a big, big blessing!).
  • As soon as the car broke down and Paul and I got out of the car, a woman stopped to ask if we needed a ride home…she was playing a local Christian station and lives near my friend we had just visited.
  • People do business a little differently in a small town. The wrecker service had us leave a hidden key and check. He came by picked up the car and it’s now safely at the garage for service. Paul wasn’t terribly late for work like we were concerned he might be– that in itself was a relief to him.
  • The garage, will most likely have the car repaired within a couple days and can you believe, they are actually reasonable about billing? Unbelievable!
    God is faithful, my friends!

It would be so easy to want to just go take out a car loan for a new car…that “I want it now” mentality kicks in and it’s hard to wait– but in ALL cases, it always works out better to be patient and wait to pay cash.

Prayer Requests

  • The car problem would be found and resolved quickly
  • Tiffany…still awaiting final diagnosis on cancer
  • Renee, Cancer
  • Rest…it’s just been a painfully, long week

Today I’m Thankful

    • A protective hubby who didn’t want me venturing out by myself this morning…I may have been stranded all alone!
    • God’s provision everyday of my life
    • As if the week hasn’t been stressful enough- “Mr. Three” put a LEGO man arm up his nose this afternoon. *Sigh* If I could count the number of things we’ve pulled out of ears and noses….

    • A little project I started with Jacob this morning:


I hope we’ll be able to get it back together!!

  • A very industrious older daughter who has been happily cleaning the house all morning
  • One more…Josie (our sweet kitty) seems much better today

Today’s Scripture Meditation

“And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ…”– Philippians 1:9-10

With my love,

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  1. We love going out for dinner when shopping at Sam’s Club. I get so excited! LOL!!!

    Sorry about your car but I love how you listed all the blessings and ways that God has already taken care of you through this.

    Praying that God will provide the right vehicle at the right price for your family!

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