September 7, 2010

Tracy / September 7, 2010

We have waited on this day for a week!

Paul has been away on business. This is day seven– The day he returns home– The day I’ll be able to see my sweetheart’s face again– The day things return to normal (if there is a normal around here, LOL!)– The day I will get some sleep.

Having a husband that travels for business is so difficult at times. It feels so easy to complain, and to focus on all the bad that happens. In reality, there are women who are running their homes while their husband is away in the military for months (sometimes, years!) on end.

I have no reason to complain, really.

That said, I’m SO glad he’s coming home today. The hours this morning have seemed endless.

We’ve worked on projects….

Courtney re-organized our freshly painted cabinets (we do still need to paint the back their final color):

We pulled up a vintage playpen from the basement to be cleaned (another find left by the previous owner):

We’re cleaning and clipping grass….



still hours left before I see his face again.

I remember so many years ago thinking that I should enjoy my newlywed days. (Isn’t that we’re all told?!) I thought after a few years, the “magic” would fade…we would be old and just plain tired of each other.

I was really clueless as to what marriage is and can be– you know?

After almost twenty years– I love this man more than the day I married him. He is part of me in a way that I can not put to words.

I love him. I love to spend time with him. I love to talk to him and just look into his eyes. I love to see him walk into a room and I love to see him pull into the driveway when he arrives home.

It’s been a long, long week.

Prayer Requests

  • Paul, as he travels
  • Me, as I work to make things more efficient here
  • Matthew, having a hard time with his allergies this week

Today I’m Thankful For

  • Paul returning home!
  • I finished my book (more on this later)
  • A night with everyone under the same roof
  • A lead on egg-laying hens…we’ll see how this works out
  • Meeting more of my new neighbors

Today’s Scripture Meditation
“We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.”
Colossians 1:28

With my love,

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