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Tracy / August 12, 2010

4 Moms, 35 Kids is hosting another blog carnival. It’s been fun to scroll through the other family homes. It’s a great way to pick up ideas and it’s just plain fun to see how other larger families live.

It’s time for another installment of our home…

Quite honestly, I’ve been dreading the kitchen/dining room post from 4 Moms, 35 Kids- but, only because our home is “in transition”.

When we purchased this home in January, it was actually a 3 bedroom with an attached apartment.

Little by little, we are making it all one big house- we finished the living room first (scroll down to see pictures).

Next, we’ll be finishing out one of the downstairs bedrooms for our bigger boys.

For now, this is what we have:

Joshua, making biscuits in our current kitchen-

Courtney, is making me a cup of cocoa (yummy!)-

My favorite kitchen pictures… I want to decorate with some of these colors.

My favorite part of the kitchen…the prayer board. We love praying over families–(if you have a picture you would like to send along, drop me an email!). I’m collecting them as I unpack.

I hope at some point to have several frames of pics to hang along our dining room walls.

This kitchen will eventually become a bedroom with steps to the side that lead to the attic.

What is now the dining room used to be an exterior porch.

You gotta love this floor! Courtney says it makes her feel motion sick when she looks at the picture. *Smile* Trust me, you get the same feeling in person.

This is currently the family room. When we are finished with our home, this will actually be the kitchen and the family room will be located where the dining room is currently.

Have I confused you yet?

This is the dining room:

We are eating at two folding tables for now. When we finish the new dining room, Paul plans on building a table large enough to seat us all– for now this works great!

We do change the table arrangement on Sunday when the church folks come over for fellowship lunch.


Our little school shelf for books used every day.
This is the view out the dining room window, which I love.


This is the “apartment kitchen” It’s now being used for our freezers and food storage.


Eventually, we’re opening this wall completely:

and this wall:

to look like this wall (which a friend did for us when we moved in):

to create our dining room. It will be just between the family room and the kitchen. (My daughter reminded me, when we move in- this floor was plywood. It had mostly been painted. All of it unless you moved the rugs. We stayed up one night and rolled the floor with blue paint and then sponged it with white and a lighter blue. Oddly enough, it looks pretty decent and will definitely work until we make it to these rooms for the re-vamp.)

I’ve had several ladies asking when we were going to post pictures…I’ve warned you it was going to be interesting!

Paul and I enjoy the building projects, but I’ll admit I’ll be glad when we’re a little further along in the process. I think it will be nice once it’s done– but, that’s sure to be a while off!

Paul reminds me of an old Chinese Proverb:

“Man finish house, man die.”

Enough said. *smile*

Thank you so much for visiting our place! We like to think that there are no strangers, just friends we haven’t yet met.

With love,

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