May 24, 2010

I’m really trying to get my head back into the blogging game.

It’s tough when there are so many things I would like to share, and so little time!

For several years, it has not only served as a place to share prayer requests and encouragement, but has also become a very real place to write and share the details of daily life.

I hope one day, my own children can come and read and think “Oh! I remember that moment!”.

Already, when I look back over earlier blog posts, I’m amazed to see little things that I had forgotten. Those little endearing details are so precious to me…I don’t want to forget a single one!

In any case, thank you for being patient…but especially for the friendly little notes saying you drop by and read from time to time.

I’m thankful for each of you!

So, on to today’s post…

I woke up this morning with another project on my mind!

I can’t begin to tell you how many things were abandoned in this house… name it and it was/maybe still here.

Frames, toys, mirrors, dishes, etc., etc., etc.

Moving from a much smaller home, as we’ve sorted through, we’ve decided to put some of these items to use…but they definitely needed a lift of some sort.

Courtney and I have worked together to come up with ideas how we could remake the items to match the new decor…one day, I happened to pass the spray paint isle at Walmart and decided we might as well give it a try.

These are a few of our projects…

Old metal frames found at yard sales- never for more than 5 or 10 cents…sprayed antique white. Now they all match…

I purchased this mirror…(sorry I forgot to take a “”before”” photo) at a local home store for very little. I loved the beveled glass but was less excited about the gold finish on the frame.

A little black spray paint and…..

I’ll post a picture of it on the wall tomorrow…

then, there was this mirror….

again, I’m sorry there were no before pictures but trust me, it was *BAD*.

I hate to throw any mirror out so we tried FUSION on it’s plastic frame. It turned out really great!

I’ll try and post our spray paint updates as the days go by…there is almost always some project to share!

I love knowing it is possible to decorate on a budget…turning items that would otherwise be trash, into something beautiful for your home…frugality at it’s best!!

In the meantime, this is the next really BIG project:

This is the main hall right off the living room.

At the moment, we have styrofoam ceiling tiles which may or may not have asbestos under them. Some are falling from glue that is coming away from neighboring tiles.

I actually tore a chunk away this morning just to peek under and see what we were dealing with exactly. I got a little surprise to see a second layer of ceiling above the tiles.

The trim and doors down the entire hallway are almost all painted a different color.

I would like to try and drywall mud the existing paneling just to see what happens…not sure about this one yet.

The floor was carpeted with really filthy pink carpet when we moved into the house. Courtney peeked under to find composite tile and we were hoping the living room floor would extend out underneath that we could refinish.

I’ll spare you all the details but basically, the composite tile was no longer adhered to the floor and this is what was underneath:

It’s going to be a big project….meanwhile, I’m applying polyurethane to the steps going downstairs today, and we still need to finish the threshold to the entry and the baseboards around the living room.

I’m enjoying the work, but it sure is seeming endless at the moment.

Well, that’s it for me today!

I hope all of you are well….

With love,

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