Turning Three

Jonathan turned three years old this week! This little one is growing up so fast!! We enjoyed celebrating his three years– amongst other things, Jacob drove him for his very first tractor ride….

June 10, 2010

I’m not sure if we’ll have time to post in the morning. Tomorrow, Matthew turns 11. It’s difficult to imagine that eleven years have passed since his birth. His arrival marked many changes for our family. His arrival brought joy once again to a family filled with grief following the passing of Paul’s mother. I will always think of him…

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Jacob’s 14th Birthday

Tracy / October 23, 2009

The second birthday this week, Jacob turned 14! He is changing by the day and becoming a man right before my eyes. I remember Joshua’s 14th year being the last before he grew in what seemed like one night- and is now as tall as his papa! Jacob has been blessed in many ways this last year- God is leading…

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Tracy / September 26, 2006

I‘m up and awake this morning. Barely. I picked my head up off my pillow this morning with one of the worst headaches that I have had in a while. I get headaches known as sinus related migraines. Imagine with me if you will, all the pain, pressure and misery of a sinus headache rolled into the blurred vision, sometimes…

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My Fellas….

Tracy / September 7, 2006

I remember growing up how intimidating little boys were. Loud, active and at least in my experience, obnoxious, I really didn’t enjoy being around them very much. Being an only child, I was never around little boys too much, only at school or daycare. How wonderful that the Lord has given me five little fellas of my own, and shown…

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A Boy and His Dog

Tracy / August 18, 2006

Bless his heart, Matthew would love to have a dog. We just can’t have one where we live and I’m not sure how his allergies would react to another animal. That being said, he has built the next best thing. His own dog, built entirely from Legos, is the actual size of some small dogs, doesn’t make a peep, nor…

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It’s been hard to get to the computer over the last few days. We’ve had so much going on….the days have gotten away from me before I’ve been able to write. This morning we’re saddened by the passing of our sweet little hamster, Snickers. Last night she apparently had injured her leg while climbing around her cage. We knew when…

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Leaving a Legacy

Tracy / February 28, 2006

Moving day is almost here! Paul is still working on the final drafts of my permanent blog home. It’s looking really nice…he’s really worked hard. I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday. We were busy all day, first with the people that came to clean out our septic system and next with me going to a workshop on organizing…

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To Be A Man

Tracy / February 24, 2006

I‘m so tired again this morning! I’m assuming that I’ll be in bed long before 2 a.m. tonight…we’ve spent this week staying up late to get our ministries off the ground. I know that this isn’t good for my mind or body, but my hubby and I just get so excited over the thought of being able to help even…

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