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Turning Three

Jonathan turned three years old this week! This little one is growing up so fast!! We enjoyed celebrating his three… Continue reading »

June 10, 2010

I’m not sure if we’ll have time to post in the morning. Tomorrow, Matthew turns 11. It’s difficult to imagine… Continue reading »

Jacob’s 14th Birthday

The second birthday this week, Jacob turned 14! He is changing by the day and becoming a man right before… Continue reading »


I‘m up and awake this morning. Barely. I picked my head up off my pillow this morning with one of… Continue reading »

My Fellas….

I remember growing up how intimidating little boys were. Loud, active and at least in my experience, obnoxious, I really… Continue reading »

A Boy and His Dog

Bless his heart, Matthew would love to have a dog. We just can’t have one where we live and I’m… Continue reading »


It’s been hard to get to the computer over the last few days. We’ve had so much going on….the days… Continue reading »

Leaving a Legacy

Moving day is almost here! Paul is still working on the final drafts of my permanent blog home. It’s looking… Continue reading »

To Be A Man

I‘m so tired again this morning! I’m assuming that I’ll be in bed long before 2 a.m. tonight…we’ve spent this… Continue reading »