It’s been hard to get to the computer over the last few days. We’ve had so much going on….the days have gotten away from me before I’ve been able to write.

This morning we’re saddened by the passing of our sweet little hamster, Snickers. Last night she apparently had injured her leg while climbing around her cage. We knew when we went to bed last night that she wasn’t doing too well.

She has been such a good pet. Joshua took very good care of her and loved her very much. We will all miss her.

Along with the burial process and trying to put her things away…we’ve not lacked the normal Lambert “stuff” going on around here. Jessica was standing out by Courtney this morning in the yard and a snake crawled by her foot.

She was cool as a cucumber…her brothers, sisters and mother however, were not. We’ve found a couple of other snakes around here while we’ve lived in this house but never have we had such a close encounter. Dad was swift with the shovel and sparing you the details, that snake will never come near his little miss again!

Prayer Requests:

We’ve not had luck finding good sales people yet. Concierge will be an awesome opportunity for the right one but apparently we’re going to have to tweak our ad a bit before running another. Please pray that we are able to find sales people.

For Joshua. His h