This Week’s Visit With My Grandmother

My grandmother was well this week. Her roommate told me I had just missed them placing her back in bed. It doesn’t matter what time or what day I visit, she is always in her bed. I normally try and go in the mornings each week, this time I tried in the early evening on a Sunday. Hopefully, I’ll be…

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Old Photos

Courtney and I have spent quite a bit of time scanning photos we found at Mama’s house a year ago. It’s been fun to see my family in some photos I had never seen before. There are moments that make me sad as I think to those who have passed, and those that just take my breath: My grandmother is…

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Tracy / December 18, 2013

We’ve been trying to wrap up some last minute things we have to do before Courtney has her surgery on Thursday. Jacob’s braces went on yesterday. I really thought he would be hurting today, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. He’s trying hard not to rub his lips across them too much. I think his efforts may spare him the pain…

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beauty day

Tracy / August 28, 2013

We’ve been visiting Grandmother a couple of times each week. I work on her nails every couple of weeks. On visits when I’m not doing her nails, I’ll roll and spray her hair. A few visits ago, I trimmed it a bit. She seems to enjoy being pampered, and we enjoying visiting with her. This last week, we treated her…

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Turning 4 Years

It’s birthday season (well, one of a few in our home now). After celebrating Darby and Matthew’s birthday, now it’s Meredith’s turn. She is like a little pixie in my home. I have a hard time seeing her as 4 years already, but it’s true. We baked her a cake and opened presents. She got a new stroller and a…

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