Book Review: The Early Readers Bible

Paul and I buy our teens a study Bible, usually on their 13th birthday. It is a special gift from us with the prayer that they will use it in the years to come to stay in the Word, and close to the Lord. Before that, they have a simple Bible they carry with them. I’ve tried several different versions,…

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Book Review: God Bless My Boo Boo

This has been a very long year for my family. Since January, we have been faced with one trial, and then another. Illness, surgery, the car wreck…it goes on and on. While sometimes it seems it would be so easy to wallow in self pity, these are the moments we learn and grow the most. The Lord uses these moments…

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Book Review: The Unveiled Wife

For a number of years, I have been researching safe make-up/skin care and hair care options. There are so many nasty chemicals in everything we use. Have any of you done research into your own beauty products? We’ve started using coconut oil as a moisturizer and to remove make-up. Other products are more difficult. Cosmetic companies make claims, but you…

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Book Review: Henry Hodges Needs a Friend

Children can be so cruel. I’m not sure why they say the things they do sometimes. The words stick and linger. I think we know that whole saying, “sticks and stones” is just not true. As parents, Paul and I have never embraced the whole “boys will be boys” reasoning behind some parents allowing their children to treat others hatefully.…

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Book Review: Really Woolly Nighttime Lullabies

I remember Really Woolly from my younger years! Those sweet little lambs with positive messages sharing faith…I specifically remember having stickers in my sticker collection (did you have a sticker collection?!). Opening this month’s box from Tommy Nelson brought back a flood of memories! I’m glad to share them with my little ones now. Jackson has officially adopted this copy…

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Book Review: Brave Girls Series

The book shipment for March from Tommy Nelson included two devotional books from the Brave Girls series: Brave Girls: Faithful Friends: A 90-Day Devotional, and Brave Girls: Better Than Perfect: A 90-Day Devotional This is my first experience with this series. It was fun to look through the books and read the selections for each day. Though I am a…

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Winner: Duck Commander Devotions for Kids

Tracy / February 17, 2015

We have a winner! Congratulations,  Sarah!  You’ve won a copy of Duck Commander Devotions for Kids. I’ve emailed you with details on how to claim your book. I hope you enjoy your copy of Duck Commander Devotions for Kids. If you didn’t win, try back next week! I’m giving away another great book. Woot!

Winner: Lucado Treasury of Bedtime Prayers

Tracy / February 8, 2015

We have a winner! Congratulations, Heather. I’ve emailed you with details on how to claim your book. I hope you enjoy your copy of Lucado Treasury of Bedtime Prayers: Prayers for bedtime and every time of day! If you didn’t win, there is another chance and another book in just a couple of days! We’re excited about this one!

My Current Books- January 2015

Tracy / January 15, 2015

The Husband Project  I picked this one up from the local thrift store earlier this year. Loving the Little Years  I’ve actually read this book several times and still love it! The Legacy of Biblical Womanhood This has been an excellent book! Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes I’ve just started this book.…

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Tessellation Book

Tracy / January 9, 2015

Jessica is enjoying her new coloring book! She sits and works on the pages at the end of the day. I think it’s relaxing for her and she enjoys playing with color. It was a Christmas book similar to one sold at a local Christmas show. I was thrilled to find one in a local store (but I just realized…

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An Update- March 22, 2013

Yesterday, found me thinking back to December.  Things seemed so normal- normal for us, anyway. Much has happened recently.  Things with my mom, and with my children.  Paul hasn’t been home more than a day- he was home for all of 18 hours yesterday. I guess I’m not complaining, I’m maybe just tired. I find myself, at this point, just…

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Book Review- The Hair Raising Joys of Raising Boys

Tracy / February 5, 2012

The Hair-Raising Joys of Raising Boys by Dave Meurer My rating: 2 of 5 stars I purchased this book last year on a clearance sale. I don’t have a whole lot to say (it was a short book!). Honestly, I figured it wouldn’t contain anything too deep. I did enjoy some of the stories…they were funny. If you are looking…

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