After A Long Silence-

Tracy with Toby

After a long silence, I’m trying to fit in time to update my blog.

Seasons are passing so quickly for me these days. (Don’t they always?)

The new baby (my precious Toby), is now three months old.

Courtney is in a courtship. He has been with us each day, the entire last month. I like him a whole lot. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. He pitches in where he sees a need. He is quickly becoming a welcome addition to our home.

Two children are working on a driver’s license.

Two children are working on finishing high school.

Two children are potty training.

The grand boy just turned a year old.

One child is looking for work while there are three in my home working jobs of their own.

Joshua’s business is continuing to grow. He and Kylie will soon celebrate their second year of marriage.

We are seeing a beloved friend off to a new state. (Which has caused some sadness around our home in recent weeks.)

Two children are learning to read.

Four children are beginning to study for their amateur radio license.

We are continuing to memorize scripture. We are working on John 1:1-5 right now.

We started a little business selling bread and soap. I’ve been amazed to see the Lord bless our efforts to sell items we have made, while also making them for our own family.

We continue to visit my precious grandmother and I’m ever grateful for the days the Lord has allowed her to remain with me. She doesn’t often recognize most of us, but she remains a blessing to my family and I.

It fascinates me to snuggle my littles, and read books, and nurse my baby while I watch my older children growing into lives of their own. I see a glimmer of their future lives and it makes these moments ever so sweet.

It is a joyful season, for the most part. (I think every season brings it’s own pain in some areas- aren’t those the places that grow us the most?)

6 thoughts on “After A Long Silence-

  1. Sure have missed your regular blogging; glad to see an update. Hope you got my card! My babies are going to be turning 16 in exactly one month . . . can I come and hold your little ones?!?!?!

    1. I’m trying to make time for this again. It is something I love. I can’t believe your kiddos will be 16. They are beautiful young people. I know you are proud of them! You are welcome to come and hold babies any time!

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