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Tracy / August 11, 2013

Life is full of surprises.

I guess when we started the year, I NEVER dreamed where we would be now.
Normally, I get frustrated when my goals aren’t being met. This year, I’m just picking up where I am- and moving forward.

So, here are my updates:

Establish at least 7 new garden beds – Not done, not even close.  We have managed a few plants this year
Plant 1 pecan tree, 1 walnut tree, and blueberry bushes- We planted almost 20 blueberry bushes this year and 2 pecan trees (which were cut down when we had recent septic work done).  We did, however, manage to keep our new Fuji apple tree!
Buy lemon and banana trees
Raise 25 new hens to add to the flock
Finish front flower bed retaining walls– I have finished about 85%
Install front and back gutters on the house– DONE!
Finish painting outside of home– We’ve opted for siding instead…we’re saving and having one side installed at a time.  I’ll post pictures a little later this week.
Lay new kitchen floor
Re-roof house (We may not be able to roof the house this year, but hope to save most of the money to do so by the first of next year.)-DONE!  We found a contractor that was a fraction of the cost of others and let us buy our materials at his cost!  God is good!
Continue to work on basement bedrooms
Organize attic– Ha! Ha! Ha!
Organize basement
Finish pantry construction
Finish office/hall construction
Continue to tweak home schedule -in progress
Hang family room curtains – almost
Build family table -DONE!
Finish painting family room floor

Have at least one planned date per month -This has been fun!
Take one business trip with my dear husband – DONE!
Read through a portion of the Bible together- work to develop consistent prayer time as a couple (we often struggle with this because of Paul’s work schedule)

Personal Goals-
Read through the Bible in a year with children
Weight loss/Exercise -in progress!
Make time for consistent “sun time” -in progress!
Read 100 books/ebooks (See my list HERE.) -in progress!
Memorize 2 chapters of the Bible with my children -in progress
Create new spreadsheet for gifts to be given this year
Continue tweaking spreadsheet and files for menu planning and recipes
Take and pass my Amateur Radio License test -still trying to absorb test materials…this might be a challenge!

Mothering Goals-
Start “life books” for children
Complete a quilt, dishcloths and aprons for hope chests (just for the older five children) -dishcloths done
Jacob to get his driver’s license -DONE!
Jessica to get her learner’s permit
Emma to finish her phonics program -DONE!
Jon to finish his phonics program
Matthew to get his braces -DONE!
Begin Grace and Truth memory books
Purchase 1st set of Journibles for children
Matthew through Courtney to take at least one trip with Paul
Use a consistent bedtime routine
Read through listed books with children

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family Goals-
Find more ways to help our parents -Wow.  This one we’ve done.  🙁
Develop and on-going ministry plan for our local crisis pregnancy center/attend and help with April conference -We did work the conference and we’ve been trying to support them in other ways
Develop an on-going ministry plan for our elderly neighbors -in progress
Continue community fellowship -in progress
Plan/carry out fall open house -working on it…are you coming?
Plan/carry out special holiday events for our family for the following days (I’m trying to plan special things into the year to create memories for our family.):
New Year’s Eve 2014
New Year’s 2014
Valentine’s Day
Easter -DONE!
July 4th -DONE!
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

Financial Goals-
Fully fund emergency fund – DONE!
Pay off at least 1/9th of our home this year

Business/Blogging Goals-
Update Lines site
Complete website for our church
Work with Paul on a home-based small business idea

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