moving forward

Tracy / August 10, 2013

It’s time to start considering my health. Well, actually very much past time.

Paul and I are both on a diet.

He decided on Weight Watchers. I’m trying Trim Healthy Mama.

We’ve both been on our diet for a week on Sunday. At weigh-in, he had lost 11lbs. I had lost 9 1/2.

Obviously, this is first week water weight loss. We’re both thrilled!
We were hollering out from the bathroom scales our numbers….it’s fun to have him along for this ride!

So here have been some highlights of my last week:
good-girl moonshine….water with a little apple cider vinegar, ginger and stevia

fat stripping frap….protein powder, ice, cocoa (yum!), vanilla, a little coffee- it’s just like a chocolate shake. Almost indulgent!

oooooohhhhhh cream cheese pancakes with a few frozen blueberries….this was more like dessert!

I made some extra for quick morning meals-

I’m not really feeling a lot different right now, but I’m in for the long haul.

It’s exciting!! We’ll see what next Sunday brings.

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